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The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

Arbore Monastery

Location: Bucovina – Northeastern Romania
Nearby large town: Suceava (20 miles southeast)
Access: car, bus (from Gura Humorului or Radauti)
Nearest train stations: Darmanesti, Radauti

Arbore Monastery

Perhaps a tour of Bucovina’s Painted Monasteries should begin here. After all, the highlight of the small Arbore (Are' bo ray) church is a scene from Genesis, which adorns the western wall.
The only church in the region with no belfry towers, because it was not built by a prince, the monastery was founded in 1503 by Luca Arbore, the advisor of Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare). It was painted four decades later by Dragos Coman, one of the greatest 16th century mural painters of Romania.

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